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Object #1 / Arnold Schönberg: Nocturne

Oil on canvas
Catalogue raisonné 147

Belmont Music Publishers, Pacific Palisades/CA

The paintings of Schönberg fall into two categories: those which are drawn perfectly to nature, such as people or landscapes; and those which are intuitively conceived heads, which he calls “Visions.” […] These two kinds are outwardly quite different. Inwardly they stem from one and the same soul, which sometimes is made to vibrate by external nature, and at other times, by nature within him. This division is naturally a generalization, and is largely colored schematically.In a wider reality, one can hardly separate so bluntly outer and inner experiences. Both kinds of experiences have, so to say, many long roots, fibers and branches, which penetrate each other, intertwine, and form, in the final result, a complex which is and remains significant for the artistic soul.
This complex is, so to speak, the digestive organ of the soul, its transforming, creative force. This complex is the originator of the transforming inner activity, which manifests itself in a transformed external form.

(Wassily Kandinsky, 1912)

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